Why Choose Us

Phenomenal communication

We’re gung-ho on communication. Fanatical even. Slack. Email. Phone. The more communication, the better. That’s what we’ve learned. And that’s what our clients love.

Your client advocate will keep you constantly updated on your project’s status. You’ll speak with them weekly so you’ll never be left guessing. Promise.

Proven track record

For nearly a decade, we’ve been immersed in Magento projects. With a full stack of Magento services and a Magento trained and certified web dev team, we’ve launched dozens of Magento 2 sites. On time. And on budget. Most important, we’ve helped hundreds of clients see a positive ROI sooner than they think.

Quick response time

Critical emails are replied to within minutes. General emails are answered fast too. Usually within a few hours. You can’t afford your site to be down for even one minute. We get that.

Detailed reporting

Each week you’ll receive a report detailing work completed the previous week, scheduled tasks, open tickets, and project status. “Wow.” That’s what our clients say when they see our reporting. You will too.


We conduct business with honesty and integrity. You won’t find any small print or hidden charges here. No sir. Just complete disclosure from your first meeting till you sign on as a client. We’d have it no other way.

We’re friendly

In an industry of hard-to-reach, off-shore web developers, you’ll be assigned a friendly, on-shore client advocate. They’ll be your single point of contact for all communication and updates regarding your project.

Our Core Values

Clarity, honesty and open communication. We want you to feel completely comfortable when you work with us. We’d have it no other way.

Collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision-making. These can only occur with full disclosure of information. That’s why you won’t find hidden agendas or conditions in our office. Just smiling faces.

One-to-One Communication

Our name is read, “one-to-one eCommerce.” It represents our commitment to you: One-to-one communication.

We’ve been on the client side and know how frustrating it is when you can’t get a hold of your developer. And even when you finally do get a response, it takes days to complete a task.

Not here. Not with one-to-one eCommerce.

We’re committed to constant, open communication. We’d have it no other way. Because we’d want it no other way if it were our business.