Tony from Sales

“I use eCommerce to help customers through their journey. I get a contact from marketing and tagged as a lead, I track them through their journey for sales and follow up. Having an online catalog makes it easy to show customers our products. My customers love direct purchasing which helps them buy quickly, whenever they want and easily re-order. The hours I save not having to fill out order forms I can now spend making more sales.”

Tracy from Marketing

“I use the business intelligence provided by the eCommerce portal to segment data, track interests and retarget after purchase. eCommerce allows me to easily pass off leads to sales in a seamless and efficient manner. Now that we are online new customers find us, they buy more and they buy more often.”

Sarah from Customer Service

“Before we had an online system, it was difficult to help to a customer in need when they called because I didn’t have relevant information available. With an eCommerce and CRM system, I can log in to a client's account and see their entire communication and purchase history and immediately offer help when they reach out.”

Alvin the Owner

“Having one central eCommerce portal has really helped break silos within our company, everyone being logged into the same system puts everyone on the same page. Our customers definitely notice the difference”

Jarrod the Purchaser

“I buy on regular basis and need a solution that shows me the products and pricing and gives me the ability to control who in my company can buy what. Now that they have implemented an eCommerce system, I have the ability to request a quote and negotiate quickly and keep it all documented online. It’s great for my regular orders and the sudden individual purchases I sometimes have to make.”


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