B2B eCommerce is taking your business to business sales process and catalog online.

eCommerce has changed the way people shop, and is changing the way B2B purchasing is done as well. Buyers are coming to expect and demand the ability to search a website, find what they need and purchase those items, just as they are accustomed to doing as a personal consumer. Providing a fast and easy option for buyers to find your products and purchase them in a seamless online fashion is the key to a successful modern day B2B business.

Today’s buyers expect:

Modern platforms have the answer! eCommerce offers:

  • Full account history, so customers can see a consolidated view of all purchasing, across all buyers

  • Quickly create orders by entering multiple SKUs or uploading a CSV file

  • Buyers can see a picture and product name so they can confirm it is correct

  • Present real-time, accurate inventory levels from all sources

  • Assign custom catalogs and price lists so that customers can only purchase approved products at approved prices.

  • Avoid errors caused by team members manually enter orders