The Situation

Pedal Genie is a guitar pedal subscription service with low-cost monthly rental plans, no due dates or late fees.

Their current Magneto 1 site was difficult to navigate and searching through over nearly 2,000 pedals was complicated, to say the least. Most of their site functionality was the result of third-party extensions and small tweaks made internally. Their proprietary ERP setup was not scalable and was hindering their ability to achieve aggressive growth projections.

They also wanted a custom wishlist functionality that wasn’t possible on their Magento 1 platform.

The Solution

We migrated their Magento 1 site to Magento 2 for an optimized user experience, intuitive backend and the ability to automate administrative tasks to more efficiently run and grow their business. After brainstorming with their client advocate, a solution was conceived for their wishlist functionality.

The Success

With a new Magento 2 site, Pedal Genie was able to leverage many of the platform’s native features and functionality, including Elasticsearch and in-stock notifications. The built-in layered navigation gave their customers an easy, efficient way to search their vast catalog and find the right product quickly. All this translated into an increased conversion rate.

Their custom-built wishlist functionality was an immediate hit with their customers and Magento 2’s streamlined, two-step checkout also helped increase conversion rates.

Increased conversion rate with streamline checkout

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