Just for men

The Situation

Just For Men is the nation’s leading men’s care brand focusing on hair color, beard care, and hair re-growth.

Along with the US version, the Just For Men site had seventeen other versions in various languages. Their previous agency was not well versed in Magento and each time a change was deployed to all the sites, downtime could last for up to three hours. Waiting for email replies was also painfully slow. They had reached the end of their rope and were looking for a rescue agency when we met them at Magento imagine 2018.

The Solution

Upon taking over control of all eighteen sites, we performed an audit of their current deployment process and discovered that their entire deployment process was set up incorrectly from the beginning. We fixed countless critical errors and improved their data organizational structure to work properly in the Magento interface.

The Success

Their previous agency was averaging downtimes of one to three hours for each update. We got it down to nine minutes. (Mic drop.)

Decreased deployment time from three hours to 9 minutes.

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