The Situation

Buy Big Joe manufactures and sells comfortable seating products filled with house-made beans, recycled shredded foam, or with its patented technology.

The informational half of Buy Big Joe’s website resided on WordPress while the eCommerce side was using Magento. Although this setup had served them well, the clumsy structure was causing errors, added a layer of complexity to site development and was confusing for both the customers and staff.

Plus, their eCommerce site was not integrated with their ERP, requiring them to enter orders manually.

The Solution

We migrated Buy Big Joe’s site, including customer data, orders, and catalog to Magento 2. Their ERP was integrated and a layered navigation was implemented to allow users to filter products by multiple factors, including price, color, size, brand, and material.

The Success

Buy Big Joe is delighted with their conversion-focused, mobile-first Magento 2 site. Being able to manage their informational content and eCommerce platform in one location has granted them tremendous efficiency. The all-new Magento 2 platform provides them the stability, flexibility, and scalability they need to continue to grow their online channel. Best of all, sales have skyrocketed.

Seamless ERP Integration