November 27, 2019 by Ben Chafetz

5 Signs Your Magento Project May Need a Rescue

You’ve taken the time to find a Magento development agency.


You even asked the 14 critical questions before hiring a Magento development agency!

But now that you’re knee-deep in your Magento 2 migration or new website build, things are going wrong.

Deadlines are being missed. Errors aren’t being fixed. Communication is bad. You don’t know what to do.

Do you pull the plug?

Do you tough it out?

Do you send out an SOS, hoping to get rescued?

If you’re unsure what to do, here are five signs that your Magento problems may require you to get in touch with an experienced agency for a project rescue.

1. Your developer is adding code to the Magento database.

This a red flag the size of Texas.

Your developer should never, NEVER touch the Magento database core files unless it’s a life and death emergency.

Instead, they should be using CSV, flat files or an API connection to import or export data.

If you ever hear them say something like,“We went into the Magento database,” or “We had to change some Magento core files,” run for the hills! This is a clear sign your developer has no clue what they’re doing.

For example, if they install an extension directly into your Magento database, it may work for a while, but updating it requires a knowledge of your entire Magento database structure for that extension…which is nearly impossible. The number of tables involved is staggering.

Whether you understand what we’re talking about or not (or want to hear a podcast on best practices for magento data management), the point is, be on the look-out for those catch phrases. Because if a developer touches the Magento core, the results are not pretty. Trust us. We’ve sees the “after” picture.

2. Your Developer Isn’t Communicating Properly – Or Stops Responding Entirely

We’ve said it before on the 121eCommerce blog – and we’ll say it again.

Communication is the single most important factor in an eCommerce development agency. 

Your developer needs to have good communication skills – and should keep you updated on the status of your project, individual milestones and goals, project sprints, and so on.

So if communication is breaking down, this is a sure sign that your project is getting off track – and it’s likely that things are about to get a lot worse.

Communication breakdowns lead to poor efficiency, bugs, and dozens of other issues.

If you’ve found that your developers are slow to respond to questions, or they ignore you entirely and don’t update you about your project status, it may be time to find a new development team.

3. Your Project Has Missed Multiple Deadlines

Your project launch was set for June. Then August. Then the end of Q3. Now you’re just hoping to get it pushed out before the end of the year – but you can feel another deadline shift just around the corner.

If your Magento development partner isn’t able to handle the deadlines of your project that were outlined in the beginning, this is a sign that something is seriously wrong. 


It’s possible that your project was more complicated than you thought – or that your development team just doesn’t have the skills necessary to stay on time and on budget throughout the development process.

Regardless of why you’re missing deadlines, you need to do something about it. And if you can’t get a clear answer from your development partner about why they’re having trouble with your project, it may be time to move on.

4. Your Developer Isn’t Able to Handle the Technical Needs of Your Project 

Ideally, you should be screening during the interview process to find a developer who can handle the scope of your project.

You need to make sure that your developer can:

  • Integrate third-party APIs into your website
  • Create custom code and features as needed
  • Install and integrate extensions from the Magento marketplace
  • Customize and create a new theme

However, not all Magento projects are built alike. You may find that, in the course of development, your Magento partner is unable to handle some of the technical needs of your project. 

Maybe there were some complex issues with a third-party API that you didn’t expect, or your developer is having trouble adding some custom functionality. If you notice these issues, you may need more help to rescue your Magento 2 project.

5. Your Site Isn’t Working Properly

Maybe everything has been going pretty well for your project. Your developers have created your website, integrated your third-party software and APIs, added extensions, built a custom theme, and so on.

But you’re plagued by bugs and errors. Slow loading speeds, improper integration with databases, extensions and add-ons that are crashing your site, navigation problems – you get the picture. Your Magento development team doesn’t seem to be concerned, but you are.

A buggy, unstable website can cost you a lot of money due to lost sales – and it can expose you to liability if there are serious security issues that result in a data breach. 

If your site just doesn’t seem to be working properly, there may be some serious issues with the underlying code that your developers have put together. And no amount of simple troubleshooting will be enough to resolve these problems. 

You’ll have to take a look at your entire Magento codebase and site architecture – and may even have to rebuild some parts of your site from the ground-up. And to do  that, you may need the help of a specialized Magneto project rescue team. 

Need Help? Ask 121eCommerce – Magento Project Rescue Specialists

At 121eCommerce, we specialize in Magento project rescues. We can rescue your site. No matter what shape it’s in.

If you’re having issues with your current developer or you’re struggling to handle your project on your own, we’re here to help. To learn more about our services and see if a Magento project rescue is what you need, feel free to contact us. We can discuss your issues in depth, and determine the next steps that you need to take to save your Magento project.

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