• Can you identify which customers are your most loyal?

  • Keep your sales team in the loop when customers are on your site

  • Can you cross sell and upsell easily and effectively?

  • All your customer data in one place keeps you informed and up to date

With OroCRM they can do all this and much much more.



OroCRM is an eCommerce-focused, multi-channel CRM which integrates seamlessly with Magento, MailChimp, Amazon, eBay and much more giving you the ability to not only have a 360 degree view of your customers but also to help you identify, create and send marketing campaigns to key customer segments.

What do you get with ORO

Sales Team Dashboard

Sales Team Dashboard

A customizable dashboard to help your sales team with understanding business performance as well as highlight optimization opportunities.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Provide better Customer Service by having a comlete view of every client. Integration with Zendesk to monitor and manage all customer service issues.

Lead & Opportunity

Lead & Opportunity Management

Tools that will help you qualify, manage, and close leads.

Sales Team Productivity Tools

Sales Team Productivity Tools

The core of the OroCRM solution is a single view of the customer across all sales campaigns and channels. The system helps businesses align their CRM efforts with business processes. Features:

  • Sales management
  • Organization management
  • Multichannel sales workflow
  • Sales productivity
Account and Customer Management

Account and Customer Management

ORO aggregates all orders into the related customer account no matter if the order came from your store, site, Amazon or eBay.

This means you can reduce labor costs by not entering or looking up data from multiple sources. It also means your sales and customer service staff will be able to handle and service your customers needs with greater ease and better information.

Many Many Integrations

Many Many Integrations

OroCRM is built on the Open Source Oro business application platform, which is integrated into an extensive ecosystem of developers and partners. The main benefits of OroCRM for developers:

  • Built on Oro Platform
  • Oro Marketplace
  • Open Source
Powerful Marketing Tools

Powerful Marketing Tools

Multichannel segmentation helps retailers customize and manage marketing campaigns across a variety of channels. Key tools:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Data integration
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Tools for campaigns
Powerful Reporting Engine

Powerful Reporting Engine


  • Abandoned Cart by Top Customers by Using RFM
  • Customer by Geography
  • Customers who purchased x product
  • Customers who viewed x products (S)
  • Profitable customers
  • Revenue by Geography
  • Abandoned Carts
360 View

360 View

This provides data and trigger points by pulling information from all sources (B2C SIte, B2B Site, In-Store, Phone, Marketplaces, Social Media) which you can use to improve your sales and marketing team efforts.

Identify Top Opportunities with Customer Segmentation

OroCRM’s segmentation allows you to be able to set priorities and take action on the most promising opportunities first.  

Orcrm Segmented Clients

Send Targeted Email Campaigns Easily

You can send emails via OroCRM’s email engine or leverage OroCRM’s integration with MailChimp and DotMailer. With OroCRM’s it is easy to drive revenue from existing and new segments.

Send Targeted Email Campaigns Easily

Targeted Campaigns by Demographic or Order History

With OroCRM, the possibilities are endless to create targeted campaigns: For example:

Only target buyers

  • Who purchase during a weekend
  • Who buy specific products
  • Who buy specific brands
  • Who have orders over a certain dollar amount
  • And many many more

Use behavior and actions to identify and target top prospects

Create segments for customers that only browse high end products and then leverage OroCRM email integration to message them, quickly and easily!



Put your Sales team into action

If a customer browses a high ticket item you can  create a workflow that notifies one of your sales rep that it is time to reach out to the customer and speak to them about the service or product they are interested in.

Other examples:

  • Notify your sales manager anytime someone places an order for more than $5000.
  • Notify your sales manager if someone places their third order within 3 months and each order was more than $700.
  • Notify your sales manager if an order was placed from a client with the words University or Hospital in them

Intuitive sales tools

OroCRM provides you with the tools to gather all customer data and more effectively segment customers based on any criteria, launch targeted marketing campaigns, and increase conversion. OroCRM wide range of tools and processes makes it a powerful arsenal for your Sales Team.  Here is a partial list of some businesses processes OroCRM provides.

  • Pipeline Management
  • Sales management
  • Organization management
  • Multichannel sales workflow
  • Sales productivity

Relevant Marketing Campaigns

With OroCROM you can run a report that shows you every customer who bought a specific item, and then send them a campaign for a relevant item. For example, sending everyone who bought a washing machine an offer for dryer, or washing machine pedestal. The possibilities are great, just like the potential revenue you can start generating once you start using OroCRM.

Robust Reporting Out of The Box

OroCRM has many reports that are available out of the box and 121eCommerce can you help configure these as well as create any customized report you may need  

  • Abandoned Cart by Top Customers by Using RFM
  • Customer by Geography
  • Customers who purchased x product
  • customers who viewed x products (S)
  • Profitable customers
  • Revenue by Geography
  • Abandoned Carts
  • High Value Abandoned Carts
  • Quick links to leads, opportunities, contacts and accounts
  • Opportunities by source
  • Opportunities by stage (wins, losses, in progress)
  • Calendar
  • Calls and E-mails

Sales Productivity

With the on-board OroCRM productivity tools sales pipeline management has never been easier. The browser-like interface was designed specifically with sales professionals in mind. Tools include:

  • Calendar management
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Reminders
  • Support ticketing
  • Case management

Understand your customers at a glance

OroCRM provides a deeper insight into your customer and can answer many questions, such as:

  • Are your customer’s ordering from multiple channels?
  • How long between each of their orders?
  • How many orders were returned or cancelled?

This provides both your Sales and Customer Service team the ability to have key information right when they need it without having to use multiple systems.


Link Web Activity to Customer Accounts

Track customer behavior and identify:

  • which products or categories they are browsing
  • which pages they visit
  • which items they add to their carts.

This information can be linked to CRM data such as customer profiles and accounts.

ORO Integrate with Zendesk

OroCRM integrates with Zendesk to collect customer service tickets and file them in specific customer account records. Zendesk integration helps give a broader customer view.and allows you to handle customer issues with greater ease.


Improve Account Management with Workflows

Let’s say you have a client/customer who has gone cold, it’s been months since they ordered from you and now they come to your site and start browsing product or looking through their account, so what do you do? Simple, create a workflow that notifies the designated person when a cold account is warming up.  OroCRM gives you all the data you need to services existing accounts better and earn back lost accounts.

Improve Customer Service

Integration with ZenDesk enables businesses to provide faster and better customer support by:

  • prioritizing support efforts based on the customer,
  • the urgency of the issue,
  • and the impact it might have on their business.

For example, a client who has more than 10 orders in the last 6 months will receive a higher priority than a client who has placed one order 6 months ago.


Separate Serious Inquiries from Time Wasters

  • Is someone calling your sales department for the 12th time in a row and spending an hour on the phone?
  • Have you sent this prospect ten quotes and none of them have ever been approved.

Take advantage of OroCRM’s 360 view and powerful data mining capabilities that will allow you to understand how each prospect interacts. optimize your customer relationships and help you identify where you should invest your time and when someone is just wasting your time.

Show your Customers You Care

OroCRM Customer Management tools allow you stay in touch with customers.  Using Workflows and/or Tasks you can schedule various follow ups such as:

  • 2 weeks after a delivery send a “Just checking in email”
  • Happy Birthday email
  • Product reorder reminders
  • If you can think of it, 121eCommerce can help you build.it.

Increase customer satisfaction

Higher customer satisfaction means lower churn and increased profit margins


Reduce Labor Costs

ORO makes it possible to aggregate orders from multiple storefronts (amazon, ebay, etc) into specific user accounts.  OroCRM streamlines the data process so that it takes less time to pull data for marketing, account management or email campaigns, and less time spent by your employees  means reduced labor costs.

Now you can import customer data, orders and shopping carts from other systems. OroCRM displays the data across multiple channels and campaigns. OroCRM integrates with various ecommerce platforms including:

  • Magento
  • Hybris
  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft

Utilize Workflows to Improve Operations

Workflows in OroCRM are robust and powerful tools and can help streamline your business across multiple departments.   For example, let’s say a client on credit terms places an order but they also have an invoice which is past 30 days due.  You can write a workflow that will automatically notify the designated to alert them a client who is past due placed an order.

cartoon workflow

Use ORO CRM’s Dashboard to get the whole business picture

Dashboards give you a concise view of the critical important information. OroCRM’s dashboard is completely customizable to fit the exact B2B and B2C e-Commerce businesses needs.that show you what you need to know in a glance.


Managers can include any charts and e-Commerce data points they deem important, such as:

  • Quick links to leads, opportunities, contacts and accounts
  • Opportunities by source
  • Opportunities by stage (wins, losses, in progress)
  • Calendar
  • Calls and E-mails
  • Revenues,
  • Sales force
  • Teams’pipeline &activities,
  • Lost sales
  • Point of Sale
  • Help desk

Marketing integration

OroCRM Integrates with services like MailChimp or dotMailer for automated marketing. Combine that with customer segmentation and now you can send messages to highly engaged clients that are personal and relevant messages.  Now that’s some revenue generating rocket fuel!

Profit Marketing

CRM integration with eCommerce shopping carts

With OroCRM you can:

  • View each customer’s online purchase history
  • Look at abandoned carts.
  • Ability for sales and support to complete an order for the customer
  • Import customer data, orders and shopping carts from other systems.

OroCRM integrates with various ecommerce platforms including:

  • Magento
  • Hybris
  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • and more…

Integrations With Key Systems

  • Integrate with eBay, Amazon and More to synch customer accounts and order history
  • Measure performance for all stores and channels – offline and online in one place.

Integration Ebay Amazon

Measure performance for all stores and channels

Offline and online, in one place.

Performance Orocrm

Look at Key metrics quickly with ORO’s powerful dashboard

  • Access a flexible report engine. Reports for all aspects of your business and sales processes
  • Create custom reports and dashboards


Rapid and Low Cost development

The platform allows for rapid application development. Some of the building blocks for applications offered by the Oro Platform include:

  • Workflows
  • Reporting
  • User management
  • Data import tools
  • Data export tools
  • Flexible data models
  • Extensive API

Using Magento?

Check out why OroCRM is hands down the best CRM for Magento.

e-Commerce Dashboard for Magento Retailers

e-Commerce Dashboard for Magento Retailers

  • Identify trends, patterns, and areas of their business that need improvement
  • Include charts and data points, such as such as revenues, lost sales, e-Commerce Statistics, Point of Sale (POS), help desk, and so on.
Accounts and Account Management

Accounts and Account Management

Automatically syncs and updates customer profiles as they get updated on your site
Automatic syncing and easy to define rules helps reduce duplicate accounts
Manage Magento’s customer account credentials directly from OroCRM including

  • Forgotten password emails
  • Re-setting or generating new credentials.
360° Comprehensive View of Your Magento Customer

360° Comprehensive View of Your Magento Customer

  • Capture data from all your customer’s interactions across multiple Magento stores
  • Customer’s interaction and transaction is recorded and logged in OroCRM, including:
    • Including purchases’
    • Life time order value
    • Viewed products
    • Email campaign responses
    • Support tickets
Web Tracking

Web Tracking

Magento ties seamlessly into ORO so that your customer accounts are updates so you know

  • Which products or categories customers are browsing
  • Which pages they visit
  • And which items they add to their carts,
Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Increase sales by creating marketing segementing by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Life time order value
  • Product viewed
  • Geographical location
  • Product Segmentation
Powerful Reports Engine

Powerful Reports Engine

Out of the box you can easily build reports like:

  • Sales conversions
  • Store revenues
  • Average order value
  • Abandoned sales value
  • New customers
  • Returning customers
  • Customer by Geography
  • Customers who purchased x product Customers who viewed x products (S)
  • Profitable customers
  • and many others,
Magento Abandoned Cart Integration

Magento Abandoned Cart Integration

This is not a typical abandoned cart email, Create rules that will notify your sales team so they are notified based on criteria like

  • If a client in a certain segment abandons the cart
  • Or if there was a certain product in the cart
  • Or if the cart was over a certain dollar amount

Magento Abandoned Cart extension offers seamless integration with MailChimp, and dotmailer.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

  • Increase email revenue exponentially by using ORO to send Segmeneted campaigns.
  • Seamless integration with MailChimp, and dotmailer

How do I get started

OroCRM RapidStart $6350

Pricing includes Enterprise Edition and 5 Licenses (Why should you use Enterprise?)

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Outlook integration
  • Exchange integration
  • Record Sharing with Other Users
  • Single Sign On
  • Managed Hosting



Our rapid start OroCRM package is the perfect solution for you to start leveraging all of the benefits of OroCRM.

  • 360 View of Customers
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Advanced Marketing Capabilities
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Many Many More…

Business Requirements Analysis

Understanding how your business operates is critical to making sure you are getting the most out of OroCRM.  One of our Business Analysts will meet with you to walk through all aspects of your business. This will give us:

  • The opportunity to determine to determine the best way to set up OroCRM on launch,
  • Allow us to bring Strategic guidance to help us streamline and evolve your business
  • It will also help us determine a roadmap so that we can make sure your needs are met moving forward.  

Set up and Configure OroCRM Account

We will help you setup your user accounts. We will also help verify email configuration and configure permissions for the user accounts created.


Integrate Magento with OroCRM

There is a lot of information that goes from Magento to OroCRM so you can understand your customers better and do a better job selling to them and providing service. We will import customers and account information.


Implement Tracking and Data Sharing

OroCRM has many powerful features and reports, like “Customers who viewed x products (S)” and “Abandoned carts”. We set up the tracking and data sharing to make sure you get the full benefit of OroCRM.


Setup Workflows

We will set up and configure 2 workflows for you which are included in the RapidStart package.


Connect Third Parties

The RapidStart package included a connection with Amazon or Ebay to pull down account data and order history.


Set Up Reporting

Oro has a lot of powerful reporting, and with the RapidStart program we will setup and configure any three reports below.

  • Abandoned Cart by Top Customers by Using RFM
  • Customer by Geography
  • Customers who purchased x product
  • Customers who viewed x products (S)
  • Profitable customers
  • Revenue by Geography
  • Abandoned Carts
  • High Value Abandoned Carts

Set Custom Reports

121eCommerce can create any custom reports you may need.



After the implementation and setup 121eCommerce will provide training so that you and your staff can start leveraging OroCRM to help you generate additional revenues and manage Customers and Prospects with greater ease.



eCommerce is always changing and as your business grows your needs will grow too. As new challenges and requirements arise our experienced staff of eCommerce Professionals, Business Analysts and Developers we be there for you to meet your needs.

Let us know how we can help