Ben Chafetz

Founder & Chairman Ben Chafetz

Ben is the driving force behind our mission to boost growth for eCommerce merchants. Prior to founding 121eCommerce, Ben grew the revenue for a leading eCommerce retailer from under one million to over $80 million in a few years.

He has nearly twenty years of eCommerce experience and is regularly featured in industry publications and speaks at key industry events, including Magento’s Imagine.

Whether it’s his clients or his 50-gallon fish tank, Ben loves to see things thrive. If you need advice on fish tanks or eCommerce, Ben’s got you covered.

Daniel Gross


Daniel ensures that our commitment to deliver results-driven strategies and unsurpassed web development is continuously met. His background in community leadership and teaching has armed him with strong organizational and communication skills, which he utilizes daily.

He is passionate about helping you grow your online business. Daniel’s passion for your success is only matched by the speed he talks. Nearly 200 words per minute.

So if you need a caller at your auction, Dan’s your man.

Sender Radcliffe

Chief Operating officer Sender Radcliffe

Sender oversees day-to-day operations and energizes our team to achieve operational excellence and create a culture of execution, seeking the most innovative, thoughtful, and efficient resolution for every task.

Sender’s background of managing a leading online retailer for board games gives him a first-hand understanding of the challenges you face (and a good eye for what games are good.)

If you need a recommendation for game night, Sender’s your guy.

Pablo Prieto

Chief Technology Officer Pablo Prieto

Pablo oversees project management, including managing technical staff assignments, timelines, and workflows. He is an Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner and Certified ScrumMaster with over a decade of software development, information architecture, user experience, and infrastructure experience.

Pablo has worked on eCommerce projects for clients in eight countries.

If you’re looking for travel advice, Pablo’s your guy.

Director of Client servicesAaron Shifer

Aaron works to understand your business objectives and goals. He assigns the appropriate internal recourses to your project and manages the Client Advocate team, making sure all timelines are met and goals achieved.

Aaron is an Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner and our Office VR Top Player. Technically a tech guy, he also has an impressive personal book collection.

If you’re wondering what to read next, just ask Aaron.

Director of sales, marketing, and data services Paul Firestine

Paul oversees all sales and marketing activities. From intro call to joining our team as a new client, he is there to offer solutions, guidance, and information. He also has an extensive background in eCommerce/IT Services and can offer up a solution to any complex data problem.

When you get on a call with Paul he will discuss your business and seek to understand your challenges. He will probably also share some stories of his time offroading in Moab, swimming with great white sharks, and backpacking Europe’s best football stadiums.

Next time you find yourself at an Atlanta United game, look for Paul in the stands.

Lavina Solganik

Controller Lavinia Solganik

Lavinia is responsible for our accounting and financial functions. She combines management and organizational talents with her background in data analysis and research.

Lavinia is an avid traveler and speaks English, Russian, French, and Hebrew.

So if you want to know how to say “I love you” in four languages, ask Lavinia.