Our Mission

We pride ourselves on the success of our relationships with our clients because we understand, that above all else, transparency and strong communication is vital to success. We do not just provide development work, we work together with our clients every step of the way to ensure that we deliver the project that meets or exceeds their expectations. How do we accomplish this?

Client Advocates

What is a Client Advocate? He or she is your direct line to any and all work done for your business. This person becomes YOUR advocate at 121eCommerce, speaking regularly with you and with our development team to keep everyone aligned every step of the way. A Client advocate isn’t a developer who simply accepts your requests as is, and delivers verbatim what you ask for. We’ve all felt the burn from experiences like that. All of our Client Advocates have a strong background in eCommerce, and are here to work closely with you to translate all of your business needs into actionable development requests.

Service Packages

Sometimes you need a full site migration overhaul, sometimes you just need to fix that broken faceted navigation. 121eCommerce understands that paying monthly retainers for developers for maintenance can often be costly and unnecessary, because you don’t always need ongoing development done month after month. It’s a necessary evil just so you’ll have that developer available when you do need them; in that critical moment when a security patch has been released for high level vulnerabilities, or when you are ready to optimize that checkout process you’ve been itching to improve.

121eCommerce is different. We understand. We will never lock you into monthly retainers because with us it’s not a necessary evil. It’s simply unnecessary. Instead, we provide Service Packages, so you can pre-purchase bundles of hours without an expiration date to be used when you need it most. This is an integral part of our commitment to Create Value.