Beyond the development we provide, our company structure is designed to assure that we are helping you reach your goals. Every client is paired with a dedicated Client Advocate and Project Manager.


What does a Client Advocate do?

A Client Advocate’s goal is to know your project, your website, your company and you. The Client Advocate will be your main point of contact between you, your team and the various team members on our end involved in the project. Your advocate will keep your business goals in mind to make sure that all work being done will help you achieve them. They will represent you internally to manage all the development and assure that the project is moving along in a timely manner. If you are integrating another technology, your Client Advocate will handle all the necessary communication.

What does a Project Manager do?

A Project Manager is here to have an oversight on your project that anyone deep in the project simply cannot. He receives daily reports on your project that helps him keep a handle on all aspects of it. Whether it’s a ticket that looks like it might go over, adding new tickets or managing the scope, dealing with revised estimates or other issues that may arise, your Project Manager will be on top of it.

Your Client Advocate and Project Manager will work closely together to ensure that both the 10,000 feet view, as well as the close-up view, are being taken care of.

Our engagement options and engagement tiers are designed to accommodate your company's structure.

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