eCommerce is an extremely powerful tool, how you implement it will determine how far it goes.

Over the past few years, we have built and maintained several B2B eCommerce websites. In that time we not only learned the platforms and tools necessary for the development but the best practices and tricks for implementing successful B2B eCommerce. Here are some key points we discovered:

  • Products should be organized based on how business buy (by quality, manufacturer...), which is often very different than how B2C products are arranged.

  • B2C is built for impulse buying. B2B more process buying and the eCommerce journey should match accordingly.

  • B2B eCommerce should help sales reps, not compete with them.

  • Your mobile site can be used by salespeople when at trade shows to show customers the product catalog.

  • Email marketing is extremely valuable with B2B because people give their work email which they check more often and are more serious about.

  • B2B eCommerce gives you browsing data; information you would never know without eCommerce - they never tell a salesperson about something they are thinking about buying but not ready to.

  • There is often high cost purchasing and trust is key. Secure payment options are a must in B2B.

  • Amazon is the giant name in eCommerce, but when it comes to B2B - buyers want you to know them and target them, they feel they deserve it as they are bulk buying. The custom experience is your edge.

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