If you’re not online, you’re missing out.

93% of B2B buyers prefer to purchase online versus using a sales rep.*

With an easy-to-use, robust and native B2B eCommerce platform, you’re empowered to deliver your B2B customers exactly what they demand: an experience as personalized and efficient as those they enjoy on consumer sites.

Magento is the #1 eCommerce platform for the Internet Retailer B2B 300

Increase revenue

  • Win more B2B buyers and keep them coming back with a compelling B2C-like experience.
  • Empower your sales teams to focus on finding and closing deals, not taking orders.
  • Personalize offers and have targeted cross-selling and up-selling.

Reduce costs

  • Grant your customers the ability to self-serve their accounts.
  • Streamline B2B sales and improve productivity.
  • Reduce expensive ordering errors and rework.
  • Lower fulfillment costs with order management capabilities.

Smoother purchasing

  • Powerful search helps your B2B buyers to quickly find what they need.
  • Complete inventory visibility and fast fulfillment.
  • Serve buyers across all channels and touchpoints.

All-in-one eCommerce solution

Easy account management

  • Empower customers to self-serve their accounts on the front end.
  • Add new users and assign specific roles and permissions.
  • Create sub-accounts to purchase on buyer’s behalf.
  • Share and edit cart with other buyers in company.

Sell on terms and with credit limits

Purchase Order

  • Set credit limit amounts on a per company basis for a true B2B experience.
  • Allow B2B customers to purchase with check, money order, purchase orders, and wire transfers.
  • Limit which payment methods buyers allowed to use.
  • B2B customers can view available credit and purchase history in their account.

Create custom pricing & catalogs

  • Build out an endless number of customer groups to accommodate multiple pricing and catalog options.
  • Easily create custom catalogs and negotiated pricing.
  • Set volume-based pricing, regional pricing, specific product rates for certain accounts, and more.
  • Create custom promotions for customer groups.

Fast ordering by SKU or CSV upload

Bulk CSV Upload

  • Allow your customers to bypass browsing product pages and get right to ordering.
  • Buyers can quickly place orders by entering SKUs, uploading CSV files, or choosing items from pre-set requisition lists.
  • Save your customers time with one-click re-orders and recurring orders.

Streamlined quote management and price negotiation

Request a Quote

  • Efficiently manage quote requests and negotiate pricing terms using a streamlined workflow.
  • Accept and deliver custom quote requests and RFQs.
  • Let your customers build out an entire cart for quoting.
  • Support purchase approval workflows and complex approval processes.

Manage B2B and B2C in one place

  • Accurate, real-time inventory across entire supply chain.
  • Manage orders from all sales channels.
  • Automated business rules optimize fulfillment costs and delivery times.

Multichannel selling

  • Gain efficiencies and get closer to your customers with a proven B2B platform.
  • Create and manage websites for multiple brands, divisions, channel partners, or accounts from one interface.
  • Expand globally with support for multiple languages, currencies, and taxes.

Painless backend system integrations

  • Connect and sync all your sales data with APIs and off-the-shelf connectors.
  • Easy integration with most ERPs and accounting software, including Netsuite, SAP, Microsoft  Dynamics, Sage, Salesforce, Oracle, and more.
  • Quickly meet any requirement with an open, modern, and flexible platform.

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B2B eCommerce Myths Debunked

“A B2B site takes years to complete.”
Nope. Time to market can be as fast as three months.

“A B2B site is prohibitively expensive.”
Wrong. Magento’s powerful B2B eCommerce platform comes native with the latest version of Magento Commerce.

“Implementing B2B eCommerce will force me to restructure my business.”
Not here. The Magento B2B suite is created to fit your business structure.

Who loves B2B eCommerce?

Alvin - Owner

Alvin the Owner

“Our new B2B platform has helped us attract new business and stay one step ahead of our competition. Our current B2B customers are loving it too. They can manage their own account and place orders without a rep, which has reduced our costs. Now that our entire catalog is online, new customers find us, they buy more and they buy more often. The increase in revenue has been significant.”

Tracey - Marketing

Tracey in Marketing

“Creating custom catalogs and pricing is a breeze. I can even do it myself and don’t have to involve IT anymore. I use the business intelligence to segment data, track interests and retarget after purchase. Bulk ordering has never been easier with CSV file uploads, entering SKUs or pre-set requisition lists. To top it off, I can manage multiple websites from one dashboard. The launch of our B2B platform has been a game-changer.”

Tony - Sales

Tony in Sales

“Having an online catalog makes it easy to show customers our products. My customers love direct purchasing which helps them buy quickly, whenever they want and easily re-order. The hours I save not having to fill out order forms I can now spend making more sales.”

Sarah - Customer Support

Sarah in Customer Service

“Before we had an online B2B system, I couldn’t help a customer in need because I didn’t have relevant information available. With our B2B connected to our CRM, I can log in to a client’s account and see their entire communication and purchase history and immediately offer help when they reach out.”

Embrace a robust B2B platform for your business

Increased AOV. Increased order frequency. The benefits of an easy-to-use, sales-focused eCommerce platform speak for themselves. Regardless of your B2B business needs, we can create a solution.