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AS400 ERP Integration with Magento

AS 400 Integration

The History of AS/400 ERP

The name AS400 has been around since the late 80’s when the system was first developed by IBM. As is the case with most computer systems, especially those that are almost 40 years old, the product went through some branding name changes. AS400 turned into iSeries, which became IBM System i, which in turn was merged with another IBM product line to become IBM power system.

Despite all the years and name changes AS/400 is still around today and offered as an AS400 ERP Integration with Magento.

Benefits of An AS400 Integration

Don’t let its age fool you, AS400 remains strong in its capabilities and functions. When you integrate your Magento store with AS400 you will be able to optimize your business from accounting to sales, and purchasing to order management. AS400 ERP integration will give you improved access and organization of your data so that workflows can improve.

  • Project management is made easier with an AS400 Magento integration as resources can be properly allocated and errors found and improved in real-time.
  • Detailed and up-to-date reporting and analytics is the best way to lower costs and increase productivity. You’ll have access to a dashboard with all relevant data immediately available so you can make informed decisions on how to improve.
  • AS400 helps manage your inventory and warehouse with up-to-date data on current stock levels and the ability to set parameters for automatic reordering.
  • Improved communication and transparency between finance, sales and marketing will increase customer satisfaction and create happy, loyal clients.

Integrating Your ERP With Magento

Magento can integrate successfully with AS400 without losing critical data.  Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform and together with an ERP like AS400 you will be able to scale your business quickly and efficiently. It creates open lines of communication between your backend systems and Magento store, speeding up processing time and reducing errors.

121eCommerce has worked with almost all major ERP’s and can easily and quickly integrate AS400 to your Magento store so you can start experiencing the benefits of a seamless ERP.

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