We’re an eCommerce development agency specializing in both B2B and B2C eCommerce.

Founded by a team of eCommerce professionals who recognized the need for a development agency that prioritized the business objectives of its clients.

Delivered through cutting edge technology and great communication.

Our Space

Our central office is located in Cleveland, Ohio and our development headquarters is located in Buenos Aires

Cleveland Office
Buenos Aires Office

Our Space

Our central office is located in Cleveland, Ohio and our development headquarters is located in Buenos Aires

Cleveland Office
Buenos Aires Office

Meet the team

  • Ben Cleveland Office

    Ben Chafetz, CEO of 121eCommerce, has dedicated his professional life to learning the ins and outs of eCommerce systems. His extensive experience with using technology and systems of efficiency to drive revenue have given him a wealth of knowledge and a track record of demonstrated success that your business can capitalize on.  Ben’s role is to make sure that client is fully accommodated with every service 121 has to offer by matching the best resources and strategies from our side to your project. This is done through gaining a complete picture of who your company is and what you are looking to do, then creating a plan, along with you, that benefits from his experience.
  • Daniel Cleveland Office

    Daniel is our Director of Client Services. With a background in community leadership and teaching, Daniel brings his strong organisational and communication skills to 121 by organizing all the details of a project and facilitating communication between all parties.
  • Sender Cleveland Office

    Sender is our Operations Manager, and he’s the guy in the background behind much of what goes on at 121eCommerce. Whether it’s our ticket management, invoicing, reporting and much more, Sender has been the driving force behind many of our systems. He’s the guy who’s entire job is to ask “can we do this better?”

    Sender’s professional background running an e-commerce business gives him a first-hand understanding of the challenges that face small businesses. He built his own business from the ground up, designed his own website and database, and dealt directly with all employees and customers. He puts his personal philosophy of learning and thirst for knowledge to work for you by seeking the most innovative, thoughtful, and efficient resolution to each new task. The only thing he finds more fascinating than a problem, is the answer to that problem.
  • Leticia

    Leticia is our top UX/UI Designer. Her role is to bring the visual elements of our client projects to life by masterfully designing our client’s websites to easily guide their customers through their site, from the homepage through to the checkout. Her training in both graphic arts and computer science allows her to design with commerce-focused development in mind while creating high-quality graphic landscapes that act as the aesthetic accompaniment to your products.
    Leticia’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and certificates in Human-Computer-Interaction and User-Centered Design. Her skills and experience are invaluable assets to our team and to your projects with 121 Ecommerce.
  • Lavinia Cleveland Office

    Lavinia joined 121eCommerce after leading a QA team for a nationally recognized, industry leader in mortgage field services. Combining those management and organizational talents with her background in hard data analysis and research, Lavinia brings a deft hand to the Project Coordinator position. Originally from Germantown, Maryland, Lavinia is now a resident of Cleveland, OH where she works directly with our Operations Manager and VP of Client Services. Lavinia is a world- traveller who has been on 3 continents in the last 10 years and speaks five languages.
  • Pablo Buenos Aires Office

    Pablo brings a wealth of invaluable skills to a pivotal position at 121ecommerce. With over 10 years of experience in software development, leading and building teams, and managing complex projects, his background provides the essential skills for heading our development team.

    Pablo manages the assignments, timelines, and workflows of our entire technical staff as well as planning and project management with the operations team. He is also a Magento Certified Solution Specialist and Certified ScrumMaster, and has worked on and managed projects on 4 continents with several companies. We depend on Pablo’s development prowess and management skill to deliver each and every project on time and to our client’s satisfaction.

  • Yonat

    Yonat is 121eCommerce’s Client Advocate & Product Catalog Specialist. She brings to the team 10 years of eCommerce experience covering the gamut from paid search (PPC, SEM), 8 years of Catalog Management with an in depth knowledge and understanding of Catalog architecture, and extensive organic search (SEO) management. Yonat brings years of experience using a variety of CMS platforms, including custom built solutions, Magento, and WordPress.

    She is passionate about applying her skills and 10+ years experience in helping our clients maximize their potential. Keeping up to speed with the ever-changing dynamics, algorithms, available platforms and tools on the market, Yonat loves utilizing best practice methodologies to fully optimize your site from the ground up.

  • Chris Buenos Aires Office

    With over 10 years experience in PHP, Chris is one of our Sr. Developers specializing in web application and custom development. Chris has heavy experience in maintenance and development of new system functionalities. As a technical leader, Chris works closely with his team to deliver projects that leave our clients excited!
  • Ariel Buenos Aires Office

    121eCommerce welcomes Ariel to our Sr. Developers team in our Argentinian branch. This full stack PHP developer graduated from Universidad Nacional de La Matanza and has been utilizing his expertise since 2006.
  • Francis Buenos Aires Office

    Francis is part of 121eCommerce’s team of Sr. PHP Web Developers. He utilizes his knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JQuery, Symfony and more to ensure all of our client’s development projects are skillfully executed. 
    Francis specializes in Magento ecommerce sites and thoroughly enjoys delivering the highest level of excellence for our clients.
  • Paula

    Paula completed a degree in Product Design, specializing in User Interface Design for web and mobile. She has extensive experience with UI tools and wireframe elaboration process. 
    Having a background in ecommerce design, Paula is the perfect addition to our team of eCommerce web designers.
  • Gabriel Buenos Aires Office

    Gabriel is one of our talented Magento developers who is skilled in PHP, MYSQL, Python, systems analysis and more, specializing in developing innovative projects with full stack PHP Developer teams. Gabriel is part of 121ecommerce’s branch in Argentina, where he received his degree from Universidad Nacional de Luján.
  • Yudi Cleveland Office

    Yudi is the Marketing Manager for 121ecommerce, with a background in healthcare marketing and small business consulting. He is passionate about bringing knowledge through content to you. With his fun and entertaining style, Yudi brings ecommerce to life with easy to digest articles on the topics important to online businesses today.
  • Michael Cleveland Office

    Michael is 121ecommerce’s Sr. Solution Architect. Michael brings over 10 years of experience and knowledge to the team and helps facilitate a smooth transition of client’s needs to the technology solutions the development team will implement.
  • Miguel Buenos Aires Office

    Miguel is a Sr. full stack developer who excels in Web Frameworks, Framework PHP Symfony2 and Angular JS. Since 2008 Miguel has been in the world of Web Development, attending National Technology University. He is passionate about searching, learning and researching new tools and technologies. Miguel brings his proactive approach to team work and excellence to 121ecommerce to deliver projects that delight our clients. Miguel is a developer in our Argentina office.
  • Eli Cleveland Office

    Eli is one of our Client Advocates. Coming from working for one of the global leaders in consumer electronics, he brings more than 7 years of experience in both Web Content Project Management and Client Account Management to our team. His resume includes being the Client Advocate of major corporations, such as Disney, Gannett Company (the largest U.S. newspaper publisher as measured by total daily circulation), and the New York Times. He was also involved with many projects involving the company’s website, including revamping the Customer Product Review Platform, changing the product imaging process, and standardizing their Product Specs. His excellent communication skills and his warm and friendly demeanor, along with his years of experience, allow him to give your company the VIP-level of attention and service that you are looking for.
  • Samanta Buenos Aires Office

    Samanta is one of our Sr. Developers, she is a highly experienced fullstack PHP developer, having graduated from San Jose Institute in 2010 and National University of Comahue in 2013. Samanta brings a wealth of experience in development of Magento 1 and 2, both Enterprise and Community Editions, PHP7, HTML5, CSS3 and more. Samanta is utilizes her additional expertise in project management, development of e-commerce projects and love of a project well done to deliver high quality perfection to our clients. Samanta is a developer in our Argentina office.
  • Natasha Buenos Aires Office

    Natasha is part of 121ecommerce’s elite team of Sr. Developers. She is a full stack PHP developer with 8 years of experience. Her expertise includes Java, jQuery and MySQL and website migrations.
    Natasha is passionate about delivering beautiful sites with dynamic and understandable interaction, bringing a sense of confidence and coherence to each user. She prides herself on a strong intuition and attention to small details. She graduated from National Technological University in 2011. Natasha works closely with our Development Manager and the rest of the team to execute projects our clients love. Natasha is a developer in our Argentina office.
  • Augusto Buenos Aires Office

    Augusto is 121ecommerce's Sr. Consulting Solutions Architect. Augusto has over 10 years of experience in Information Systems Technology, full stack development and project development and management. His background and experience is drawn on daily to facilitate smooth transitions of client's needs to the technology solutions the development team will implement. Augusto is a Solution Consultant Architect in our Argentina office.
  • Sebastián Buenos Aires

    Joining our team of rock star Sr. Developers, Sebastian is a full stack PHP developer with close to ten years of experience with technologies like Symfony, NodeJS, Magento and more. He brings his project leadership skills to every project he works on, passionate about executing the highest level of professionalism to all of this work. Sebastian is a developer in our Argentina office.
  • Leandro Buenos Aires Office

    Leandro is a Sr. full stack developer with over 10 years of experience in Web Development. He studied at the University Institute of Industrial Technology Rodolfo Loero Arismendi. Leandro is proactive, responsible and creative and is excited to work in 121ecommerce's team to deliver high quality projects. Leandro is a developer in our Argentina office.
  • Juan Pablo Buenos Aires

    Juan Pablo is a Sr. full stack developer who excels in datamining and knowledge discovery and systems engineering. He graduated from Technological University of Pereira and is attending University of Buenos Aires. Juan Pablo is dedicated to delivering pure excellence when completing projects for our clients. Juan Pablo is a developer in our Argentina office.
  • Gerardo Buenos Aires Office

    Gera is part of our Sr. Developer team, he is a full stack PHP developer who is driven by challenges, and likes to learn constantly as technology advances. Gera brings his experience in project development and leadership to the 121 team, delivering excellent projects for our clients. Gera is a developer in our Argentina office.
  • Max

    Max is QA Engineer on our team. Max is here to make certain every small detail on your project is completed flawlessly. Among many tasks, he is responsible for: testing web, mobile and desktop applications and e-commerce solutions; executing of manual tests on a daily basis and reporting on the results; functional testing, and regression testing. 121eCommerce is passionate about high quality deliverables, and Max ensures that we hold to this standard.
  • Akiva

    Akiva is one of our Client Advocates. With a background in law and education, he has an eye for fine details and is a talented communicator. Akiva will guide your projects through all stages of development, and cares for each project as if it's his own.

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